About us

belladonna - a centre for women's culture, education and economics

Our Profile

belladonna as a centre for women’s culture, education and economics is an association, founded in Bremen in 1986 with the aim of promoting the political, social and cultural education of women.

Variety is our strength

belladonna sees itself as an institution that provides a broad variety of open lectures and discussions, seminars on qualifications, concerts, readings, sightseeing tours etc.

One highlight during our 24 years has been the International Women’s Congress on the topic: global chances for women in the world of work. It took place in March 1998, with 70 female speakers and more than 700 participants.

With our broad programme we would like to attract a variety of women, who come from different backgrounds, employed as well as unemployed women and women from middle management. There are special offers for example for female migrants, women with children, lesbians and elderly women.

We look forward to your visit!

Offers in education

belladonna organizes lectures and discussions concerning current social and political topics, so that women can gain information, can extend their education, and can exchange ideas with other interested women. The situation of women in the world of work, women and power as well as internationalism and globalization are aspects of our programme.

Seminars about management, vocational training and qualifications

You will find a wide variety of weekend and day seminars concerning vocational training and competence extension. The seminars on management we offer include among other things training on how to run negotiations and talks, training on presentation, personal development and self employment.

Cultural events

As far as culture is concerned we offer readings, exhibitions and theatre performances for those who are interested in literature and art. We also offer concerts and films.

The women’s archive and the documentation centre in Bremen

The belladonna’s archive is one of the biggest archives on women’s issues in the German-speaking region. In our archive we have not only thousands of books, 750.000 newspaper articles and 300 magazine titles but also dissertations and “grey material” and posters. You can borrow more than 3000 video films. Have a look at our comprehensive leaflet about the archive.

Sightseeing tours

Regularly we offer sightseeing tours in Bremen with an emphasis on women, their history and their achievements.

Discussion forum for literature

Here women regularly have the opportunity to interpret and discuss books in a pleasant atmosphere.

How you can support belladonna

By becoming a member

    you support the programme of events.
    you help to finance one of the biggest women’s archives in the German-speaking world and it’s documentation centre with more than 750.000 collected articles, which is unique in Germany.
    you help women with low or no income to take advantage of our offers, because only with your help, can we maintain our reduced prices.
    you help to maintain one of the most long standing women’s institutions providing women with political enlightenment, further education and increased influence
    you see to it that Bremen remains an attractive place for women

For that

    you will always receive belladonna’s latest programme and the donation receipt for tax purposes
    you will get information about belladonna and the women’s institutions in Bremen
    we will give you a free ticket for one of our seminars

Your contribution

Supports belladonna, a place where women are in the centre and not on the margin:

You can become a female member if you pay, a minimum of 6,- € (employed women if possible 12,- €) per month. Please sign the application form and send it back to us.


By Donation

We are also happy with a single donation. And of course we will send you a receipt for that.

Bank account:

belladonna e.V., Sparkasse in Bremen, BLZ 290 501 01, Account Number 107 20 99

Mailing of programme

We will send you our programme if you send us a stamped-addressed envelope (DIN A5).

Rooms for rent

We have a nice bright room (about 80m²) for rent, which is central, provided with professional and technical equipment for educational classes and performances; there is also the possibility to make coffee and tea.


    selfhelp groups
    weekend workshops
    single performances
    and many other things